• Our Damson are not sprayed. 
  • Our trees are rigorously pruned annually and the cuttings are used to grow more trees. 
  • Irrigation water comes from the orchards bore. 

Food Waste

  • At harvest, waste product is returned to the soil beneath the trees to decompose
  • In the kitchen, all plum waste from frozen whole plums post cooking goes to a local pig farmer to be used as stock food

Product Packing & Labels

Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in food packaging. The manufacturing process is often closed loop, meaning the end-of-life material can be used to remake the exact same product - in this case, another glass container. This process can be repeated over and over again, therefore, glass is referred to as, infinitely recyclable

    • All of our glass is recyclable
  • All of our cardboard shippers are:


  • We have chosen to centralise our distribution in Auckland in order to respond more economically to our biggest market.


  • We are a certified Living Wage Employer.